Welcome to our Video chat rooms site. Here you will find site that contain chat rooms with cam to cams. Please take the time and review the sites we list. You can rate any of the chat sites by adding stars. This site was created to give the users a place to find hand picked chat rooms that offer the user the best experience possible.

Most of the chat rooms offer free chat rooms with no registrations. The first online chat room began in the early 1990’s, from there chat sites have grown from accommodating five people to hundreds at any one time. Chat rooms have been used to discuss a specific topic or many topics.They have been used for survey’s and business.

These sites are a great way to connect to others around the world in real time.Some rooms use plain text or have added a font feature to change style, colour and size. Emotes are another feature to add feeling into the text to really put emphasis on the message being given.

Most chat rooms don’t require users to any special software; those that do provide a download from the Internet. Software is used for games, emotes, the use of mic and/or cams and sometimes for extra features. Games are used to help meet new people or to chat in a more relaxed atmos-phere.

Games can also be used to pit an individual or group against another in tournaments or competitions. Some sites have volunteer moderators to enforce the rules which are usually found upon entry or on the chat page. Moderators should be welcoming and helpful to those new to the site. Moderators also give out information on features and how to use them to those that ask.

Most chat rooms allow you to visit as a guest or gives the user the choice to register. Once a user registers, hey can create a profile and add an avatar to express some of their personality. There is private messaging (pm) where the user is able to text one on one. There is usually an option to turn your private messages off. If there is someone being annoying or is harrassing a user in someway, there is a blocking feature in most chat rooms. This allows the user to no longer see that individuals text anymore. A list of users and how many there are in the room can be seen. Gives an individual an idea of who they might like to chat with. Some sites have extra rooms or you are able to create your own. The late 1990’s saw the first cam chat. Using cams enables users to see who they are chatting too. To allow cams, software is usually required to be downloaded.

Most software is supplied from the Internet and only takes a few seconds to download. Most cam sites make it optional to use cams, although if you wish to view a cam it is best that you have yours open. If there is audio make sure you have speakers or headphones connected. Cams are a great way to chat once you over come nervousness. Chatting this way actually allows you to feel like you are at the event or in the same room. It is almost like you are chatting face to face even though you are in an entirely different time zone or another country.Chatting this way can make you feel connected to those you are chatting to. It is great for long distance relationships, keeping up-to-date on those on holidays or stay in touch with those not close to home. Cam chat is available online, mobile , droids, ipads and tablets. As techonology evolves so does the way we communicate.

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Welcome to the PeopleChatNow network. Join in on conversations about any topic. Here you can create your own chat room and moderate it. Use your chat room to get your friends from Facebook, MySpace, or any other community you might be a part of. You can also use your cell phone to come in and…

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